5 Places to Buy eBooks for Cheap (or Free!) in 2020

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Can’t get out to the bookstore? Here are my favourite places where you can buy eBooks for cheap and stock up your own portable library.

This year has been a wild ride. So many people are staying home with unfortunately lowered work hours, so a lot of us are turning to books to occupy our time or just for a respite from the real world. Despite everything that’s going on, books are continuing to be published, and we have more time to read than ever before.

Whether you’re reading for fun, to learn, or to review, you always need new books. Ebooks can be a great way to get your bookshelf stocked with new and old releases. You might be as surprised as I was to learn that it’s super easy to access amazing, high-quality, big publisher and indie eBooks for low prices.

Now’s a great time to help support your favourite authors and discover new talents. Here’s the top sites to buy eBooks for cheap and free this year.

Bookbub—Cheap eBooks, Author Updates & Recs

Perfect for: Readers & Reviewers

Bookbub has had some awesome updates that are making me think it’s going to eventually take over Goodreads as the reader’s platform of choice. When I first joined it was a basic email list, sending out notifications of good quality eBooks for cheap. Now it’s a huge platform where readers and authors are able to connect through reading lists, reviews, and suggestions.

You can set your preferences to be alerted of limited-time deals on books that you’ll love, including fiction and non-fiction. You can also follow your fav authors to see what they’re reading, how cool! At the time of writing there are some awesome bargains like Above the Star, down from $15.97 to 99c and Sawkill Girls down from $9.99 to $1.99.

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The Fussy Librarian—Free Personalised Book Suggestions

Perfect for: Readers

Like Bookbub, the Fussy Librarian started off as an email newsletter. It still is, but you can also view all of the current bargains and freebies on the website without subscribing.

The Fussy Librarian’s subscription list is pretty similar to Bookbub’s; you can personalise it to suit your interests, then you’ll receive emails with a curated list of high-quality, discounted, eBooks in your selected genres.

This website also has a good list of children’s eBooks. I’ve got some great deals on popular authors from these emails.

The Pigeonhole—The Book Club in Your Pocket

Perfect for: Readers

This is my new favourite reading website!

The Pigeonhole is a place for busy, sociable readers. If you’ve ever wanted to join a bookclub but don’t have the time (or, like now, can’t meet your group like usual), you have to check this website out.

They have a small selection of books available every month which you can pre-order (for free!). Once release day rolls around the books are split into “staves”, each one a convenient 30 minute read, and released daily. You get an email in your inbox when each day’s stave is released.

Because multiple people are reading at the same time, you can all leave comments and create a discussion throughout the book—book club as you go!

BookSirens—The Easiest Way to Become a Book Reviewer

Perfect for: Reviewers

BookSirens is my favourite site for reviewers. There is a great selection of books that are updated frequently. But where BookSirens really shines is in your reviewer profile. All of the basics are available here, like setting your genre preferences, connecting your social media and website, and your file preferences.

But there are way more powerful things in your profile. You can connect your Goodreads account, which lets BookSirens pull all your review information and gives you an awesome chart to tell you and publishers what type of reviewer you are. This also informs your reader rank. Reader rank lets publishers know if you’ll be a good fit for their book. For example, BookSirens has ranked me in the top 25% of Psychological Fiction reviewers.

Here’s some of the other interesting things BookSirens can tell you:

  • What genres you read the most and rate the highest
  • What age range you read the most and rate the highest
  • What character types are in the books you read
  • How strict/lenient of a reviewer you are
  • Whether certain elements might impact your book rating
  • And more!

BookSirens will also send you emails of books you may be interested in, and you can choose whether to allow publishers and authors to contact you directly.

Netgalley—Helping Books Succeed

Perfect for: Reviewers

Netgalley is probably the most well-known book galley website, and there’s a reason for it. It’s simple, clean, and intuitive. It’s easy to sign up, select your preferences, and start checking out what’s available. There’s a huge range of pre-release books that anybody with an account can download and read.

One thing to be mindful of with these books, though, is their publication and archive dates. I made the mistake of downloading some ARCs before I was serious about it and found out later that I was no longer able to post my reviews which lowered my feedback ratio. Feedback ratio can be important when applying for books not available to everyone.

Which is the next great thing about Netgalley. You can also apply for high-profile books to read and review, giving you exclusive access to some really wonderful titles before the rest of the world and even other reviewers. I’ve picked up a few books by popular authors this way. You can also wish for books not currently available on Netgalley with your request being sent to the publisher to show your interest.

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