The Blog: Review Bee

Review Bee is the place to discover novels by, for, and about strong women (including, of course, anybody who identifies as a woman).

While crime fiction used to be a genre for and by men, the recent rise of domestic thrillers, psychological suspense, and similar genres have brought an influx of amazing stories to shelves. Many of the books featured here will be in these genres, although there may on occasion be others.

Readers don’t want to settle for cookie-cutter caricatures of women anymore. Women can be strong, emotional, powerful, intelligent, family-focused, career-focused, and anything else men can be.

I do not just review books about physically strong women. On this blog, you will find women with complex emotions, flaws, internal strengths, goals, and their own agency. Let’s get reading!

The Blogger

I’m Teagan, and I run Review Bee.

I love words so much that, by day, I’m a copywriter and copy editor, and by night I’m a reader and blogger. I’m pretty enthusiastic about the role of women in literature, both behind the pen and on the page.

When I started writing reviews, I questioned whether my blog needed more variety. It mostly seemed to be about women. But then I realised: what’s wrong with that? I’ve always wanted to find more fantastic women authors and complex female characters, so maybe other people want that too.

So instead of moving away from it, I’ve decided to embrace it. And I hope that someone out there will get their next feminist fiction fix from Review Bee.