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Hurry Home


Published: July 7 2020

Format: Kindle


Roz Nay’s debut novel, Our Little Secret, was a US bestseller, nominated for an array of awards and winning the Douglas Kennedy Prize for best foreign thriller in France. Her compulsive and thrilling writing has been likened to bestselling author Ruth Ware.

Hurry Home Review

Alexandra Van Ness is enjoying her life in a small resort town, sharing a beautiful loft with her model boyfriend, and spending her days working to better the world through her job in child protection. Although the job is tough, Alex lives for it; her calling is to save children from horrible homes, no matter the cost.

Alex’s life is perfect until one day her long-lost sister, Ruth, appears, begging her sister to help her out of a sticky situation. Alex agrees, on one condition—Ruth will never talk about their past. Ruth begins to wonder, why is Alex so adamant about hiding their childhood?

“The life we had is a tunnel that caved in a long time ago.”

Roz Nay – Hurry Home

Hurry Home is a fantastic depiction of two narrators who don’t quite agree on the truth. The story follows Alexandra Van Ness and her sister, following Ruth’s sudden reappearance. Despite having shared an upbringing, their recollections of childhood events don’t quite add up, leading the reader to wonder: can you trust your own memory, or is someone lying?

Roz Nay has crafted a novel that harkens to the slow burn style of cinema. It’s not an edge-of-your-seat thriller by any means. Instead, Hurry Home is a taut mystery that sends the reader in a suspenseful tailspin to the very final page.

If narrators pitted against each other is something you’ve enjoyed in other novels (think Gone Girl), then you should definitely give this novel a read. The same goes for fans of slow-burn cinema.

4.5Overall Score

Hurry Home

Alex's life is perfect until one day her troublemaking sister, Ruth, appears, begging Alex to help her out of a sticky situation. Alex agrees, on one condition—Ruth will never talk about their ...

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