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Dear Wife

Published: June 25th 2019

Format: Kindle

DISCLAIMERS: I received an advanced review copy of Dear Wife in exchange for an honest review. This book contains mention of domestic violence.


Beth Murphy isn't who she says she is.

She has abandoned everything - her marriage, home, job, and her own identity, in a bid to escape her abusive husband. She knows that leaving was her only choice, but is also aware of just how dangerous leaving can be. Aware that her violent husband is likely on the hunt for her, Beth goes to extreme lengths to keep her former identity a secret.

A few hundred miles away a woman named Sabine Hardison is missing. Police and her husband find nothing missing except her car. Has Sabine abandoned her life in the hopes for a better future, or has she met a mysterious foul end?

The devoted detective in charge of Sabine's case won't rest until Sabine is found. Could Sabine have escaped her husband to live a better life as Beth Murphy, or is something else at play? Someone is lying and the reader will work out who.

"Why doesn't she just leave? ... a better question would be, why doesn't he let her go?"

Kimberly Belle, Dear Wife

Each element of the story is woven together through three vastly different points-of-view. Anxiety tears from the pages of Beth's experience on the run, while mystery comes Sabine's husband, Jeffrey, as he attempts to clear his name and find his wife. Suspense and calculation arise from the detective, Marcus, as he uncovers clues in Sabine's disappearance. Belle brings all these elements together to craft a novel of great psychological suspense.

While the premise of a missing wife isn't particularly new (especially with the sudden popularity of domestic thrillers) Belle has executed the plot in such a way that brings readers a fresh, actually surprising, take on the tired plot. Although I had my suspicions I could never be sure of exactly how this novel would turn out, leaving me wondering until the very end.

Dear Wife is the kind of novel to have you second-guessing yourself. Not everything is as it seems and not everybody is who they seem. Who do you trust?

Why Read This Book?

  • Strong women characters
  • Female author
  • Strong suspense
  • Questionable narrators
  • Fresh take on a standard premise

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4.5Overall Score

Dear Wife

DISCLAIMERS: I received an advanced review copy of Dear Wife in exchange for an honest review. This book

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