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Published: Sep 25 2018

Format: Kindle


I received a free ARC of Malice from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Jennifer Jaynes is a thriller author who’s here to stay. Her debut novel, Never Smile at Strangers was a bestseller. Jaynes’ books have continued to receive rave reviews, and it looks as though her new novel, Malice, will be no exception.

Malice focuses on newlywed Daniel and Mia. Overcoming alcohol addiction and forged a high-paying career, things are finally looking up for Daniel in every aspect of his life. He has a beautiful home in Malibu, a respected position as a paediatrician at a renowned clinic, a gorgeous and intelligent new wife, and a promotion on the horizon. Until the introduction of a new pharmaceutical takes the paediatric world by storm. Respira is a new type of drug, set to prevent colds, the flu, and other illnesses in children. Daniel’s boss is adamant that Respira will be parent’s saving grace – a miracle.

As more doctors give Respira to more children, side-effects begin to occur. As the evidence mounts up against the drug, even Daniel Winters becomes unsure of the drug’s safety. His attention is torn between his new wife’s suspicious behaviour, his patients, concerned parents and friends, and his boss’ attitude toward Respira. Everything begins to unravel as Daniel must choose between his marriage, morals, or career; what will win?

“Everyone has a price.”

– Jennifer Jaynes, Malice

Daniel and Mia are interesting characters. Both appear to make life choices based on their previous experiences; a good sign of well-rounded characters. Daniel, in an effort to avoid becoming his father, has strict rules regarding his own alcohol consumption, avoids beautiful and untrustworthy women, and sticks by his strong and honest moral compass. Mia, although supportive of her husband, keeps things close to her chest. The dynamic between Mia’s dishonesty and Daniel’s desire for transparency in his work and marriage is an interesting element of Malice, and one that I wish Jaynes’ explored more.

Prior to beginning Malice, I believed that the book would be a domestic thriller focusing on Mia and Daniel’s marriage. In reality, Malice is more of a medical thriller. Throughout most of the book, Daniel’s suspicions about his wife fall to the wayside with the plot focusing on Respira. Despite Malice seeming to propose a strong anti-vax argument (something which I also wasn’t prepared for) it was a solid thriller. There was mystery, intrigue, deception, threats, and suspicious deaths – everything you can find in a great thriller.

Malice is a good plot-driven medical thriller that prompts the reader to question their thoughts on their children, health, and “big pharma”. It’s big question – who can you really trust?

Why Read Malice?

  • Female author
  • Established thriller author
  • Medical setting
  • Plot-driven
  • Fast-Paced
3.4Overall Score


Dr. Daniel Winters is living a fairy-tale life with his beautiful new wife, lovely home, and promising career. He prides himself on being an honest and responsible man. But when his wife begins ...

  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Theme
  • Structure
  • Dialogue
  • Pacing

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