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Where the Missing Go


Published: June 14th 2018

Format: Kindle


Author Emma Rowley is an experienced writer and editor for the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph, often covering courts and major crime stories.


When the missing have something to say they can call Message in a Bottle.

After the disappearance of Kate's daughter, Sophie, two years ago, Kate began volunteering at Message in a Bottle. Most shifts are mundane, either short and vague or just prank callers. One day a call that seems like any other comes through. "Tell my parents I'm safe" the voice implores. But Kate recognises the voice, even before the caller gives her name. It's Sophie.

Kate doesn't believe her daughter's claim that she's safe. Sophie would never have just run away, no matter what the police say. She knows that Sophie is still out there, Kate just has to find her.

Sophie's call to the Message in a Bottle helpline quickly sends Kate and the reader into a twisted story of teenage love, deceit, hope, and family. Where the Missing Go is an impressively constructed crime novel. Told from Kate's point of view, Rowley catapults the reader into the mind of a mother who refuses to give up in the face of loss or difficulty.

As a first-person point-of-view often implies, the reader may have reason to mistrust the narrator. With others in Kate's life imploring her to get help and questioning her use of sleep medication to combat bouts of insomnia, the reader begins to question how strong of a grip Kate really has on reality. But just when you think you've got the reality of Kate and Sophie's wo5rld worked out, Rowley manages to flip the script on its head.

I spent the majority of Where the Missing Go patting myself on the back. I had found the clues, unraveled the mystery, and was sitting back for my suspicions to be proved correct. Until they weren't.

Rowley has crafted a clever novel of slowly unwinding suspense, intrigue, and deception that will leave you pining for her next novel.

Why Read This Book?

  • Debut novel
  • Female main character
  • Suspenseful

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Where the Missing Go

Background Author Emma Rowley is an experienced writer and editor for the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and Sunday

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